What Is A Table Overlay?

Details make all the difference when deep-diving into event planning and interior design. One piece can seal the deal. A subtle touch of elegance and sophistication can make it a night to remember. One such piece is a table overlay. But what is a table overlay?

In this blog, we will learn the definition of a table overlay and how these, and other pieces complement and integrate seamlessly in a themed setup of your choice.

elegant blue table overlay

A table overlay is a decorative layer of fabric placed over the top of your tablecloth. Aside from aesthetic purposes, table overlays also boast of their functionality. It enhances the table setup’s overall visual appeal while putting on extra protection for your tablecloth.

Polyester Square 72" Overlay/Tablecloth - Blush/Rose Gold
Polyester Square 72" Overlay/Tablecloth - White

Typically, a table overlay is smaller than the primary tablecloth. It is designed to contrast or complement it to add an extra dimension to the table setup. Take, for example, the one shown in the photo, there is a contrast between the white overlay and the black tablecloth. 

Unlike the standard tablecloth, which runs to the bottom of the table, the tablecloth overlay sits on top of the main tablecloth and only covers the surface. With its versatility, you can create a variety of looks. You can make it formal and sophisticated, or casual and playful, whichever you like. You just have to set your imagination loose and play around with your fabric, color, or design.

Table Overlays: Shapes, Sizes and Colors

Table overlays come in various shapes including squares, rectangles, and circles. The rule of thumb when choosing an overlay shape is to first determine the shape of the table and the aesthetic you’re going for. You can put up a square overlay diagonally on a round table to create a chain of diamonds. Rectangular overlays can be draped over the longer banquet tables while round table overlays can embrace circular tables with a splash of color. 

Chemical Lace 60"x120" Rectangular Table Topper/Overlay - Gold

Wondering what size of the overlay for a 60” round table is? The general rule when choosing overlays to drape on tables is that they must be larger than the circumference of your table to achieve that overflowing look. A few inches or even an extra foot will make sure you get the size just right. Be careful though not to overdo it because it can end up looking baggy and underwhelming. You can check out table overlay size charts online to get recommendations. 

Well, how about colors? The colors we select are crucial in achieving your intended motif or theme for the event. In choosing table overlay colors, we must keep in mind the principles of complementary and contrasting colors. First, choose your overall color scheme. You can go with neutral or metallic for formal events in which you choose white or black primary tablecloths. Or you can choose overlays on the brighter side like yellows or greens to amp up your nude or beige tablecloths. You can do some online mixing and matching on a website or visit a textile store to play around with textures and colors. 

You’ve got to choose the right overlay for the right event. What is a table overlay for weddings? We recommend delicate lace overlays in blush or ivory to add that sweet tone of romance. For corporate launches, navy or charcoal laced with gold laces can add that premium, professional feel. Shape, size, color, and material - these are key aspects you have to ensure to make that lasting impression.

How To Keep Your Table Overlays Clean and Neat

To make the most of your table overlays and to keep using them through time, it is essential to keep them in pristine condition. Here are some tips to do just that.

Before every event, make sure to iron or steam your overlays. Make sure that before you use them they are free of wrinkles to avoid one damage after the other. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you are handling the materials properly. Some overlays, like sequined ones, can be trickier to handle so take extra caution and do not rush the process.

Square Payette Sequin Table Overlay Topper 90"x90" Square - Gold

During events, make sure your event staff are aware and alert on what to do in case of spills and how to do some quick response actions. For instance, acting swiftly on such an incident requires avoiding further rubbing to control the spread of the stain. Have them regularly check up on the pieces without interrupting the event and spoiling the mood.

After each event, make sure to promptly remove the items and check for stains for quick response. Wash them according to the care labels. Whether it is hand washing, machine washing, or dry cleaning, use the recommended and appropriate method. It’s better to invest in proper cleaning than waste money on damaged items. Afterward, store them in a place where they can remain dry and clean. Fold them neatly to avoid creases making them ready for the next use. 

Make it Extra with a Table Overlay

Table overlays make any table setup extra with an added layer of protection and a sweet kiss of aesthetic. Use the various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to achieve your dream look. By taking care of your table overlay items intently, you can be certain they bring the best out of your functions be it a get-together, a corporate party, or a wedding. 

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