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Whimsical Wedding Themes and Ideas to Create Your Dream Celebration

There are tons of wedding themes to choose from when planning for your big day. Popular wedding themes come and go but a whimsical wedding theme never goes out of style. Throw a bohemian chic wedding that’ll take your guests on a dreamy night to remember.

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What Is A Whimsical Wedding Theme?

A whimsical wedding theme is playfully elegant and tastefully quaint. Its equal parts fanciful and quirky, light and ethereal.

What exactly makes a wedding whimsical? For many couples, it's the free-spirited and magical feeling that’s at the core of a whimsical wedding reception.

Think of enchanted gardens, starry night skies, or a winter wonderland. There are so many ways to decorate your wedding with this whimsical theme.

How Do You Make A Wedding Feel Magical?

To get that whimsical wedding reception, you have to set the mood through different elements of your party. From the venue to the lighting, the music, food, your fairytale wedding dress and especially through your whimsical wedding decorations.

You have to scope out the right wedding style ideas for your whimsical wedding. Carefully curate them to come up with that ethereal feel you want on your special day.

Top Whimsical Wedding Ideas

Looking for some design inspiration to get that free-spirited bohemian chic style? Here are our top wedding ideas for a whimsical wedding night to remember.

1. Whimsical Garden Wedding

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At the top of our list is a whimsical wedding idea you won't ever go wrong with, a garden wedding! You can be sure to get that whimsical and magical feeling.

Set the mood with some flower wall backdrop to complement the lush greenery and florals of your garden wedding. Pair them with some chair covers for weddings parties to complement the deep green hues of your garden party. Pair them with some chair sashes in natural fabric, neutrals, or muted colors like sage green.

Sprinkle some petals along the length of your table runner to complete your whimsical garden look. Setting up a dessert table to sweeten your garden wedding? Here are some Quick Tips on How to Create a Stunning Dessert Table.

2. Celestial Wedding Theme

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Get that other-worldly look on your wedding day with a celestial wedding theme. Dress your wedding in ethereal decor with this whimsical wedding theme that’s inspired by the stars and the sky.

Grab some midnight blue wedding drapes and intersperse them with some star décor and fairy lights. This will give you a night sky feel for your party.

Dress up your stage with some wedding arch backdrops. Dress them in midnight blue spandex covers or some glitz sequin fabric for a starry feel. You can also opt for a Round arch backdrop. You can drape some linens and attach some floral décor and lights to complete your celestial themed look.

3. Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

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Another type of whimsical wedding perfect for December weddings is one inspired by winter wonderland. Get into your favorite quirky little holiday decor. Who doesn’t get into a romantic mood with a winter wonderland theme?

Dress your party in frosty whites paired with dusty blue or metallic silver. Add some texture on your plain white tablecloths with some detailed dusty blue wedding table runners

Elevate your tablescape with some wedding charger plates for a glammed up setting.

4. Fantasy Wedding Theme

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Take your guests on flights of fancy with this type of whimsical wedding. Push the limits of your imagination with a fantasy wedding theme. If you’re a big fan of fantasy fiction, now is a great time to incorporate them into your wedding decor.

Decorate your wedding with fanciful decor like crystals, fairy lights, and glass pieces. You’ll find tons of centerpieces for that magical feel. For table settings and dessert trays, find The Unique Beauty of a Crystal Cake Stand to light up your tablescape.

Incorporate these details into wedding elements like your wedding invites, your photo booth, giveaways, and even with your wedding outfits. Complete your wedding with an ethereal fairytail wedding dress. You can choose some tulle or an airy and light fabric for an ethereal look.

5. Fairytale Wedding on a Budget

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Want to get that elegant whimsical wedding look even when you’re on a budget? Here are some practical tips to throw your party in style without breaking the bank.

When buying wedding linens make sure to find a shop where you can buy in bulk. You can usually get major discounts when you buy wholesale. Some shops also offer shipping once you hit a minimum order.

Get the most out of your wedding linens by using them multiple times. Make sure you know the basics of storing wedding linen properly. You’ll be surprised at the dozen different ways you can style your event linens for a host of different parties. This also comes in handy if you ever think about reselling wedding decor.

Have a Fantastic Time at Your Whimsical Wedding

We’ve gone through the basics of a whimsical wedding theme. We've also listed some top whimsical wedding decoration ideas.

One good thing about this theme is that the sky’s the limit with party ideas. Get inspired and get creative with some good party linens and event decor. Walk down your whimsical wedding aisle and exchange your vows for your magical happy-ever-after. 

For more design inspiration, visit our blog, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for more styling ideas.

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