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Behind the Design: Pearl Table Caps

February 8, 2018

Pearl Table Caps

Behind the Design: Pearl Table Caps

New year, new events, new ways to style! Ramping up to 2018 we knew our aim would be to continue focusing on creative innovation. With so many table linens available we knew we had to deliver an idea that would excite and challenge our customers to design in a whole new way.

The reveal of our latest linen has us fired up for the new year! Table caps are a unique alternative to table overlays and provide a huge pop of opulence at an extremely affordable price point. Collecting inspiration from customer feedback, hands-on experience, and this year’s trends we revamped the idea of what a minimal yet sophisticated look should consist of.

The Design

With texture and formality being a steady trend into 2018 we knew we couldn’t ignore an inch of our first table cap design. Focusing in on a classic, clean style we created a pearl-centered look for the soft delicacy it provides. Pearls have been used since antiquity to represent perfection and stand as a symbol of happiness for special occasions, especially weddings. The intricate detail work on our Pearl Table Caps means you’ll have the perfect touch of texture through perfectly-placed pearls and sewn lattice.

The Materials

Once our table cap design was in place our focus shifted to selecting the best fabric. In all honesty, it wasn’t much of a debate! Lamour Satin was the obvious choice for our new Pearl Table Caps due to the mix of luxurious sheen and thick durability it provides. (If you haven’t had the opportunity to feel our Lamour Satin in person, it’s truly the perfect in-between for satin and polyester.) Along side the fabric, each glimmering pearl is hand-pinned with a tough metal base to ensure they are secure and your table cap can be used over and over again.

Advantages of a Table Cap

• Affordable compared to floor-length linens
• Easy to set up and take off
• Potential to save base linens from staining and spills
• The form-fitting design means no awkward angles on hanging fabric
• Completely new design and type of linen that will give your event a breath of fresh air

Pair Pearl Table Caps With…

Don’t miss out on the true 360° experience our newest linen provides! Shop our Pearl Table Caps here.

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