Making the Most of Your Event Chair Band Decor

Making the Most of Your Event Chair Band Decor

Get More from Your Chair Band

If you’re an Event Planner, Professional Decorator, or just someone with ambitions of reusing the decor you have invested in, something must have in your supplies are Spandex Chair Bands.

Sure, these little colorful, stretchy, rings appear to be unassuming- but watch out! Spandex Chair Bands in action are fancy, functional and can be manipulated into several configurations to create completely different decorative statements every use.

Here are a few examples of ways you can unlock your Spandex Chair Band’s maximum potential!



Look Number #1: The Classic

There is nothing wrong with going for the most obvious arrangement and using the chair bands in their most logical placement. The straightforward single band method will add a pop of color and interest to your decor without being distracting or overwhelming the rest of your decor!



Look Number #2: The Elegant Asymmetrical Rhinestone Brooch

Effortlessly bring a luxurious spin to a Spandex Chair Band by placing one of our glittering Diamond Rhinestone Pins and Brooches to either side of the sash! For this example we choose our Square Diamond Rhinestone Metal Pin Sash Buckle in Silver and placed it two inches from the edge of our chair’s right side.



Look Number #3: The Lace Approach

Lace has made a strong showing in several wedding trends this year. While our Lace Spandex Chair Bands are fantastic alone, they really dazzle when they are layered over an opaque Spandex Chair Band!



Look Number #4: The Instant Bow

Transform your Chair Band into a blingin’ bow for an extra touch of glamour in a matter of seconds by adding a Rhinestone Velcro Sash Clip. All it takes is centering a Sash Clip onto a your Chair Band, then fanning out the Chair Band’s sides to get the desired bow-like appearance.



Look Number #5: The Rose

Our Oversize Rose’s are sure to make a statement, although sometimes their velcro straps can prove to be a hassle to attach to some chair styles…that is unless you have a matching Spandex Chair Band! Spandex Chair Band’s provide a base for the Rose’s straps to wrap around as well as add an extra decorative touch for you to coordinate your decor.



Look Number #6: Curly Willow

Curly Willow Table Skirts and Chair Sashes are in high demand for everything from weddings to baby showers. Make securing (and removing) your Curly Willow Sashes a breeze by tying them to Spandex Chair Bands! Speeding up the installation and removal process will save you time, effort and produce a more polished finished product.


If you would like to see more inspiration for chair decor, check out our Inspiration Boards on Pinterest.

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