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3 Creative Ways to Improve Your Fall Sweetheart Table

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Three Creative Fall Sweetheart Table Tips

Fall is officially here and we were itching to embrace red, orange, brown, and burlap in our mock ups! As one of the most popular times of the year to get married, it’s no surprise that couples obsess over finding fall sweetheart table ideas that will ring true to their own personal style.

While we like to focus on the whole picture when designing a mock up, we’ve picked three major elements you won’t want to ignore when setting up your DIY sweetheart table!

1. Layer, Layer, Layer…and Layer

Here’s why you should hate a boring tablescape: it will never be remembered. You put time, money, dedication, and probably a few tears into planning what should be the best day of your life. You and your wedding deserve more than not being remembered!

Enter using specific design elements. If you lay out your most important tables and only have a small centerpiece and table runner on it, sure, they will be pretty. But they have so much more potential than just being pretty. Our favorite design element is to layer.

Here’s how we layered every important element in our mock up:

Place Settings

Table Linens


Chair Linens

  • Absolutely one of the easiest areas to layer via a valance hanger. With our mock up we chose to add a staple white to the back and mix apple red and taupe on the front crossbar. Finish off with chocolate chair sashes tied around the drapes and you’re now a layering pro!

2. Mix and Match Fabrics

If you’re getting married at a venue chances are they’ll have the base polyester table linens you need included in your rental package. (Psst…if not, we now sell economy polyester table cloths which are a steal and what we used in our mock up above.)

Fall wedding reception ideas are usually centered around color choice. For our mock up we went a traditional route: chocolate brown, apple red, orange, pops of yellow, and the natural tan of burlap. Of these colors only a few made it into our linen selection, but with the right way of mixing and matching you can make them appear more versatile.

A main rule of thumb is to start with the tablecloth and table overlays since they’re your base. When using stark white tablecloths we definitely recommend an overlay instead of a table runner for important tables. Table runners are a great to dress up a guest table, but they may read too sparse for a table that will be frequently looked at and photographed.

We chose to mix chocolate and burlap fabric for our table overlays and chair sashes. Chocolate provides a nice pop of color and burlap overlays provide the touch of texture we need. On the actual table burlap is our main focus, whereas on our chairs chocolate is the main focus.

Design Tip: Use the same colors on your table and chair designs, but flip the main linens for effortless cohesion!

3. Don’t Forget About the Backdrop

You’ve taken the time to prepare a beautiful fall sweetheart table. The linens are layered, the candle holders aren’t bare, you get your photos back and…what? You know your tablescape looked better in person! Unfortunately, this situation happens all the time at events when your backdrop isn’t taken into consideration.

Consequently, pipe and drape sets are what take an event from bare to luxurious. They complete the scene. They’re what separate the amateurs from the pros. With all you’ve invested into your big day you can’t afford not to have it all come together.

Luckily, our sets are extremely easy to set up. We have multiple sizes to choose from – make sure yours will fit at least two feet past the edge of your table horizontally on both sides, and at least three feet above your head (we recommend a minimum of eight feet total.) The main reason you’ll want the extra space is simple: photos. The last thing you’ll want is a photo taken at the wrong angle where you can see your beautiful tablescape, backdrop, and the unsightly wall it’s all supposed to be covering.

Aside from the structure itself we have you covered with drape panels as well. Our most popular by far are sheer voile and glitz sequin, but you can also use our burlap fabric roll to create a DIY drape. Better yet, pair a DIY burlap fabric backdrop with our sheer voile drapes to create a cohesive and most noteworthy sight!

About Our Fall Sweetheart Table Mock Up


Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆ (relatively easy)
Set Up Time: Approx. 30 minutes with drapes

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Make Your Fall Sweetheart Table One to Remember

We know it’s easy to overlook the details of your special day. Follow our steps above for an easy way to make your wedding look unforgettable! If you need help finding an linen or placing an order don’t hesitate to give our friendly customer service team a call at (512) 821-1178. We’re always happy to help!

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