How To Decorate Chiavari Chairs for Your Next Event

You and your guests are the focal point of your celebration. Treat yourself, friends, and family like the stars of the event by adding Chiavari chairs to your event decor. These pieces can effortlessly make your party look and feel special. 

Whether you are going for a lavish celebration or attempting to stay on a budget, there are endless options for styling these stunning chairs. This blog is a great place to find ideas on how to decorate Chiavari chairs.

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What are Chiavari Chairs?

Chiavari chairs are a favorite from the early 19th century until the present because of their graceful and lightweight design. They present a minimalist style, combining simplicity and elegance. 

These chairs are available in various colors and materials. They are typically made of wood, resin, or metal, each offering a distinct look and feel that will suit a variety of themes and styles. They feature a unique ladder-back design with slim back seats that provide support.

Chiavari chairs are lightweight and durable. They are long-lasting and can withstand repeated use while maintaining their pristine condition. These chairs are easy to style and customize. They can lend their timeless aesthetic appeal to any kind of gathering.

Basic Techniques for Decorating Chiavari Chairs

Combine different techniques in styling your Chiavari chairs to meet your event needs.

One effective way to change the color and texture of Chiavari is by using chair covers. These covers come in a range of materials such as spandex, satin, linen, organza, and polyester.

Select a chair cover material and color that will complement the overall theme of your occasion. Take into account also the venue's look and ambiance. Formal indoor venues are better served by satin covers, while outdoor venues will benefit from flexible materials like polyester.

Using chair sashes and ribbons is also another option. You can attach these decorations in a variety of ways to make your Chiavari chairs more beautiful. You can choose to make a traditional, classic bow and place the sash at the back, side, or front of the chair. Additionally, you can perform double loops or side knots to give your chair a more intricate, stylish look.

Make sure that your chair covers, sashes, and ribbons complement your other table linens' colors, materials, and designs. Ensure that they match or contrast with your tablecloths, runners, napkins, placemats, etc.

Advanced Chiavari Chairs Decors and Ideas

white wedding chair setup

If you want to take your styling endeavor to the next level, you can incorporate these advanced design tips and turn your Chiavari chairs into gorgeous pieces!

Using Floral Arrangements

Attach a mix of fresh and faux flowers to the back of the chairs using floral wires or zip ties. You can also use floral clips for tiny bouquets. Add ribbons and twines for a rustic or whimsical aesthetic.

Draping Fabric

Drape fabric over your seats to create a flowing, lovely effect. Select from single, swag, or overlay draping techniques to give your chair decor a rich, luxurious vibe. 

You can use a large range of fabrics for draping. For instance, you can opt for chiffon if you want to create a dreamy atmosphere for your event, while tulle is often used to create volume and whimsical effect.  

Greenery and Foliage

Using greenery adds a touch of nature and opulence to any event. Create a natural and lush look by using fresh and faux greenery when styling your Chiavari chairs. You can attach sprigs of eucalyptus, ferns, and garlands or wreaths made of a combination of foliage and flowers. 

Styling Tips and Tricks

Decorating Chiavari chairs does not have to be costly. Look around your house for things that you can repurpose like old scarves or curtains. You can also gather natural materials like greenery, branches, or flowers and use them as seasonal items.

Ultimately, you can even save more money by buying chair decor in bulk. Purchase quality and affordable chair covers, sashes, chair caps, ribbons, and other event linens from CV Linens™.

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