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Affordable DIY Pool Noodle Floral Backdrop

When it comes to planning special events, most of the focus is on where you can save the most while still making it look special and stunning. That’s why doing it yourself makes it more convenient and saves you more money.

In this blog, we give you some ideas on how to make an easy DIY wedding backdrop using pool noodles. We’ll also give you a rundown on our top DIY wedding decor ideas.

What are Pool Noodles and how do we use them?

Before we begin, let's talk about pool noodle decor and why it's a convenient decor hack you’ll want for your party.

pool noodle

Pool noodles are made of polyethylene foam; they are also known as "water noodles”.  The foams' buoyancy makes it ideal for use in flotation equipment. Though they are intended to be used at a summer pool party, they can be useful in many ways around the house—and even for DIY party decor.

These handy materials can be used with floral backdrop arch decor. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to DIY wedding backdrop ideas.

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What makes it affordable?

These swimming pool toys are easy to manufacture making them affordable. They're available many colors and can be found at reduced clearance prices at the end of summer making the ones with hollow centers more affordable. Because they flex and bend, this makes it more useful in creativity and decoration. It's inexpensive and can be bought at many major retailers.

Wedding Backdrops 

Wedding backdrops are ideal for photo shoots and for taking photos on stage. These decor items enhance the wedding venue taking it to the next level. The additional color and textures adds flair for the entire event by creating a visual impact for both the party guests and main focal area of the event space. 

Choose the theme and concept for your wedding and set up a wedding backdrop to instantly enhance your event and give life to the whole ceremony or reception.

1. Arch backdrop

wedding arch

Have you heard about backdrop arch decor or a ceremony arch? This is what it looks like, and it has many more ways to make it even more outstanding. Arch decor come in  different shapes, sizes and styles, so  you can pick for your own desired decor or concept. 

As you can see, these two examples have completely different vibes. The first photo is simple yet elegant, and the second is full of lavish florals that can make your event feel like a fantasy world.

2. Wall Floral Backdrop/Arch Floral Backdrop

flower wall

Flowers are always a fantastic choice and you don't have to limit your ideas to a bouquet. Flowers can bring the ceremony to life, with so may ways to use them investing in florals helps make any memorable day fantastic!

It provides a colorful appearance and helps enhance the mood and atmosphere of the occasion. It can be a wall floral backdrop or an arch floral backdrop.

DIY Wedding Decor is an excellent way to say money, stay within budget and express your creativity! Not to mention, it's more fun to build your own wedding backdrop.

For an easy DIY Wedding backdrop using a pool noodle and artificial flowers, we got you!

DIY pool noodle backdrop

Wedding Geometric Arch Backdrop Frame Stand - Gold

Who knew pool noodles could be used in many ways for decorations, especially on your big day? 

This is a Wedding Geometric Arch Backdrop Frame Stand - Gold that you can buy on our site. Other backdrop shapes are available so you can choose one that matches the theme and the concept of the ceremony. 

You can use this type of frame as a base for your backdrop. Using the pool noodle thats cut in half you can attach anywhere on the frame. After that, it's time to do some decorating!

How to make DIY wedding flower decorations?

Flowers are a great way to enhance the atmosphere of a wedding and all special occasions. It gives off fantasy vibes and a relaxing feeling. Fresh floral decorations can become expensive, from table centerpieces to backdrop decor.

For wedding decor ideas on a budget, use a combination of fresh and silk flowers. Here are some steps for a DIY pool noodle flower arch.

Materials Needed:


Pool Noodles

Assorted Silk Flowers

Scissors or Exacto Knife 

Zip Ties Or Pipe Cleaners

Favorite Backdrop Arch


Begin by cutting one side of the pool noodle from end to end using scissors or a knife.

This will allow the pool noodle to wrap around the arch.


Slide the pool noodle onto the arch


Secure in place using zip ties or pipe cleaners


Lastly, cover the pool noodle with florals


Tip: Cutting the stems will help prevent them from sticking out of the pool noodle


Using a mixture of fresh, foam and silk florals will help add dimension to the backdrop

How do you put a floral arrangement on an arch?

floral arch

Asides from using pool noodles, making a DIY floral backdrop is as easy as attaching floral wall panels to an arch. You can easily add individual flowers to make a custom floral design. It's also good to note that if using fresh flowers, you can attach a foam saddle cage or a DIY cage made from floral foam and wire netting.

You can also use artificial flowers so you can reuse it for future events. And since silk florals don't need water, you can use a pool noodle as a base for your DIY backdrop arch decor.

How do you attach a floral arrangement to a backdrop?

Zip ties, floral wire, and pipe cleaners are quick ways to attach flowers to backdrops.

Tip: To blend in effortlessly, use zip ties and pipe cleaners in green or a coordinating color.

Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are realistic and inexpensive, and considering that they're reusable and long-lasting, it will be a great investment. Plus you won't have a hard time looking for them in bulk or being in stock since they're available year-round.

They are low maintenance and allergen free, with endless decor uses. You can make use them for many occasions, including those with last minute event date changes or with extended event time lengths.

Floral Backdrops for Your Wedding

round arch

We've gone through the basic steps of how to make your very DIY pool noodle wedding decorations. Now its time for you to choose from your favorite list of wedding backdrop ideas and get creative. Whatever idea you come up with, you can be sure to get quality decorations from CV Linens.

For more design inspiration check out our CV Linens blog YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest for more ideas for a perfect wedding party!

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