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Decorate a Refined Halloween Party with Ease

Halloween party ideas for adultsHalloween party ideas for adults

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Tips on Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

Halloween is looming! Many of us will be driven to break out the fake cobwebs and plastic skulls to prepare for our annual Halloween events. However, Halloween isn’t just a time for what you can find at a chain party store. The difficulty with Halloween is that it is not often equated with elegance or refinement. Many events have difficulty hitting the theme, either straying too far in an attempt to be original, or falling flat with dry-ice, cauldrons,  and fake spiders.

This year, leave the spiderwebs and skeletons behind in favor of a more elegant execution. You can easily weave this look into any large scale event for the Halloween lover in your life. Below, we’ve detailed our mock up Halloween set-up and included a few Halloween party ideas for adults to make sure the day or night stays elegant!

Party Idea #1: Have a Neutral Color Palette

For our mock up above we chose a color palette of willow green, plum, silver, and black. The subtle colors help the table setting stay on-theme without being too overpowering, such as using orange and purple. The foundation of our table setting is a glitz sequin fabric tablecloth in willow green. It’s important to incorporate many interesting textures into your table setting, and our sequin fabric adds a lot of visual interest to the space.

Party Idea #2: Keep Everything Polished

We love bright orange curly willow as much as anyone, but a sophisticated party may not be the best place for it. In our mock up we chose satin linens in purple and black for a sleek start to our look. To ensure your vision is cohesive for a large scale event, set one table exactly as you want it as a sample table. From there you can instruct your event crew to replicate the table exactly. This helps insure uniformity as the crew will have a sample reference to compare their work.

Another great tip to help your party set up run smoothly is to give specialized tasks to several crew members. Having crew members tackle a whole table at a time may lead to accidental decor mistakes. If someone is in charge of only place setting they are more likely to be identical, which is the mark of a professional event. Your choice in dinnerware is just as important as the table linens. Pick up our beaded charger plates, plates/cutlery, and satin napkins to actualize your own halloween party ideas for adults.

Party Idea #3: Think About Every Aspect

Though you can stop after the table linens, it’s the additional touches that take an event from good to great. For our chair covers we chose a delicate self-tie cover adorned with an organza chair cap. Chair covers add another layer of visual interest to your decor.

Likewise, a centerpiece is vital to the aesthetic of the event. We selected our silver candelabra centerpiece and topped it with a faux flower arrangement. This piece works well because it doesn’t take the theme of the table setting too literally. Rather than selecting a cliché skull shaped vase or plastic cauldron, our candelabra is both elegant in its own right while referencing a more antique, perhaps haunted, feel.

The combination of the refined crystals and the floral arrangement in our selected color scheme gives the overall effect of an eerie mansion. Floral arrangements are a great opportunity to tie your color scheme together and include a few pops of color. (Our arrangement features a few small yellow accents that really pop against our black draping.)

Lastly, an interesting draping design is essential for framing your tables. We paired sheer voile black draping with plum glitz draping to add another layer of texture and visually anchor our table.

Details About Our Refined Halloween Mock Up

Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆(mid difficulty)

Set Up Time: Approx. 40 minutes with drapes depending on the number of tables

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Celebrate Halloween in a Unique and Exciting Way

We hope you find these Halloween party ideas for adults useful and incorporate them into your next large scale event! Don’t forget to check out our Halloween Pinterest board for inspiration while planning.

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