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Step-by-Step Girl Baby Shower Set Up

Preparing for a girl's baby shower requires a lot of planning. However, a baby shower set up can be simple if you have a theme and have the knowledge of setting up the party.

While nowadays, people tend to be gender-neutral in terms of colors, it still wouldn’t hurt to pick a vibrant and fitting pink theme for a baby’s welcoming party.

For event planners and first-time party organizers, this simple step-by-step guide should give you an idea of how to set up the tables for a successful baby shower event. Check out this video to get an idea of what your baby shower setup should look like:

How To Set Up A Table For a Baby Shower

Step 1: Set Up A Table

step 1

Start working on your first table. This will help you visualize at first how the entire place would look after setting up your first table.

You can use a round table if you want to accommodate four guests on each table or a large rectangular one if you’re setting up for six or more guests.

Folding tables are easier to move around while acrylic, wood, or metal tables will be harder to maneuver if you want to move them around. It is best to have the total headcount and follow a floor plan so you’ll know how to set up the tables.

Step 2: Add a Table Cover

step 2

Once the table is set up, you can now add a 108" polyester round tablecloth as the first layer of protection for the square table. 

Usually, most event organizers use a safe and neutral white colored tablecloth. However, it will also depend on the theme of the occasion if you need to use a different color.

Step 3: Add a Table Overlay

step 3

Once the tablecloth has been laid down, you can add a second layer of table overlay to give the table an accent. This usually follows the theme of the party and is usually the colored linen.

For this baby shower table set up, we’ll be using a medium pink square 54" satin table overlay, which is perfect for a square table.

Step 4: Plating Time

step 4

Now that the linens are lined up, it is time to furnish your table with proper plating. First, place a plain silver round 13" charger plate on even sides of the table for each guest.

Next, add a large 10.25" white silver dinner plate on top. We offer these plates in packs of 10, which is perfect for two to three tables.

Add a touch of style and design by folding a 20"x20" fuchsia polyester napkin in thirds before folding it in half. This is perfect for any girl-themed shower or birthday party. Add this on top of the dinner plate then top the plating with a smaller plate, which also comes in the pack of the dinner plate.

Set up the spoon, fork, and knife accordingly on the sides of the plates. You can check out our modern collection series for silver utensils. However, we also offer them in gold and in different designs as well.

Step 5: Set up the Chairs

step 5

Set up the chairs by placing a white polyester banquet chair cover. You can use different kinds of materials, but a polyester cover works fine. Other options include a spandex cover or a ruffled one, among others.

Step 6: Add a chair sash

step 6

Next, use a medium pink standard satin chair sash and tie a bow at the back of the chair. Watch this video for a more detailed guide on how to tie a bow using a chair sash.

Step 7: Add an Accent

step 7

Complete the look by adding a silver rhinestone velcro drape sash clip onto the knot of your chair sash bow. This helps hide the knot and can make the entire setup look seamless and elegant.

Step 8: Final Touch

step 8

Complete the whole look of one table set up by adding a centerpiece.

Note: All the materials used to complete this baby shower setup are linked in each step. You can get all the items at CV Linens where we offer them at affordable prices, perfect for any kind of occasion.

Now that you have one table ready, you can now complete your entire event space with this simple yet elegant baby shower set up.

Apart from the tables, you can also fill the room with a white drape and fuchsia backdrop curtain panel to complete the theme and bring the entire room together.

Don’t forget to check out our blog, YouTube channel, Pinterest, and Instagram pages for other baby shower set up ideas and guides on how to set up a baby shower.

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