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5 Problems Everyone Has With a Burlap Tablecloth (and How to Solve Them)

Handling Burlap Tablecloth

Burlap Tablecloth and Linen Problems and How to Solve Them

A burlap tablecloth transcends all seasons. Burlap is a perfect material for party tablecloths. Touches of burlap at your bridal shower or wedding can play up anything from a sweet southern theme to that of vintage French romance.

Whether your wedding is set to occur in springtime, summer, autumn, or winter, burlap is a truly versatile material. While burlap’s undeniable appeal is befitting any occasion, its texture does bring about certain difficulties. How then can you overcome these stumbling blocks to assure a seamless and rustic vintage wedding?

Problem: Conquering Burlap’s Natural Odor

Burlap is a coarse, woven fabric made from jute or sisal fibers, which are derived from plants. The natural musty odor often associated with burlap is primarily due to the characteristics of the fibers and the way the fabric is processed. Burlap linen has fibers naturally containing oils and resins that can carry a certain odor that may not suit some noses.

Solution: There is no denying that strong musty odor that stems from fresh or stored burlap material. It is enough to make your eyes water and perhaps even bring about a sneeze or two. However, eliminating this pungent smell is as easy as airing out the piece in question for a minimum 48 hours. Simply bring your burlap tablecloth out into the fresh outside air and Mother Nature will work her magic!

Problem: How to Tame a Wrinkled Burlap Tablecloth

Burlap tends to wrinkle easily due to its coarse and loosely woven texture. The natural fibers in burlap lack the elasticity and smoothness of more refined fabrics, causing them to crease and wrinkle readily when folded or manipulated. Ironing burlap can be challenging due to its tendency to resist smoothing. Fret not, there’s a secret to wrinkle free tablecloth.

Solution: Because of burlap’s rough, woven texture, taking an iron to smooth out creases simply will not do. To reduce the amount of ironing needed before your event, opt for layers instead. To achieve this effect, skip a full burlap tablecloth and choose a burlap table runner with a polyester tablecloth underneath. If your heart is set on a full tablecloth and you find yours wrinkled and creased, smooth your tablecloth flat and place weights at each corner for a 24 to 48 hour period.

Problem: The Horrible, No Good Case of Shedding Burlap

Shedding is a common concern with burlap and burlap like fabrics although you may get less shedding with faux burlap napkins and faux burlap tablecloths. While these imitations offer the rustic charm of traditional burlap without its natural fiber coarseness, they can still exhibit a propensity to shed loose fibers. This shedding can be particularly noticeable during initial use or after washing, potentially leaving behind small fibers on surfaces and clothing.

Solution: There is nothing quite as bad as frayed burlap pieces that cling to floors, other linens, and the chairs of your event venue. One might even argue these fine, rough hairs rival the annoyance of glitter. Unlike with glitter, taming burlap shedding is as simple as spraying the cloth’s edges with a no fray spray. This spray is readily available at any craft store.

Problem: The Alternative to Burlap’s Rough & Itchy Feeling

The rough and often itchy sensation associated with burlap fabric stems from its coarse and unrefined texture. The rugged nature of burlap makes it better suited for applications where its durability and sturdiness are valued, such as in heavy-duty sacks or gardening products, rather than for items requiring a gentler touch.

Solution: Worried your guests might remember the sensation of itchy, scratchy burlap linens over every other aspect of your wedding? If so, you might want to consider faux burlap instead. Our Faux Burlap Table Overlay Topper/Tablecloth 90″ Round – Natural Tan offers a fantastic solution! This tablecloth assures the same appearance of natural jute burlap, but it doesn’t shed and it’s soft to the touch. This burlap alternative is also machine washable, iron-friendly, and odorless, thus solving any of the above issues for a truly low maintenance burlap tablecloth.

You can also opt for soft burlap fabric variations, which are designed to provide a smoother touch, traditional burlap's coarse fibers can be uncomfortable against the skin. 

Problem: Worried A Burlap Tablecloth or Table Runner Might Exceed Your Wedding Budget?

Incorporating burlap tablecloths for wedding decor schemes can potentially pose budgetary challenges. While burlap exudes rustic elegance and is a sought-after choice for creating charming atmospheres, its unique appeal and quality can result in higher costs. 

Couples seeking to use burlap tablecloths in their wedding design should be prepared to allocate a portion of their budget to accommodate the expenses associated with these specialty linens. 

Solution: Rustic and country themes have been increasing in popularity, quickly taking over the wedding world. Regardless of the season, burlap’s versatility brings a little rustic charm to any wedding.

Burlap’s warmth and intimacy achieves a breathtaking look whether yours is a small outdoor event or a large-scale indoor fete. If this cozy style is one you’ve been dreaming about, don’t be discouraged by price.

You can opt for budget-friendly burlap linen tablecloth options. You can go for round burlap tablecloths as overlays to a longer basic white tablecloth. You can choose between the 108 round burlap tablecloth or 120 round burlap tablecloth options.

Another top tip is to buy burlap linens or faux burlap tablecloth wholesale. You can get major discounts when you buy in bulk. Ask for wholesale prices and free shipping options when buying your table linens in bulk.

Burlap Tablecloth and Linen Problems and How to Solve Them

Bonus Tip: How to Clean Burlap Linen

Cleaning a burlap tablecloth requires some careful attention to preserve its integrity. While burlap is not the easiest fabric to clean due to its coarse nature, here is the easy way to effectively clean burlap linens.

Start by shaking off any loose dirt or debris outdoors.  Gently spot clean stains using a mild detergent and cold water, being cautious not to saturate the fabric. Avoid scrubbing vigorously as this could damage the fibers. After spot cleaning, let the tablecloth air dry in a well-ventilated area, avoiding direct sunlight to prevent fading.

It's important to note that machine washing and drying can lead to shrinkage, deformation, and further wear and tear. Overall, while burlap tablecloths require more delicate care compared to traditional linens, a thoughtful and patient approach can help maintain their rustic charm.

CV Linens For Your Burlap Needs

Once you’ve ironed out the 5 most common problems you’ll encounter with burlap, you’ll find that this charming material will give your party that warm and classy vibe.

Get your burlap table runner for sale at super affordable and wholesale prices. If you want a more minimal approach, order some burlap table skirts to go with your tablecloths. Top off your boho chic look with some rustic charger plates wholesale. Get some big savings when you buy in bulk with our wholesale prices. Avail of our free shipping when you order above $99. 

Here at CV Linens, our wholesale pricing is friendly for any budget while still guaranteeing quality linens. For notifications any time when there is a site-wide sale event, you can sign up for our CV Linens newsletter. This is your special day and you deserve nothing but the best. Your wedding is one you will look back on for ages, and the photos captured are ones you will treasure in frames and albums for a lifetime.

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5 Problems Everyone Has With a Burlap Tablecloth (and How to Solve Them)

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My burlap linen table runner feels like plastic. How can I soften it?

Diane Lee

Very good article!
I have recently changed the focus of my business from Event Planning to Event Rentals. About 6 years ago, I planned and decorated an outdoor wedding using burlap for the first time. I did not think that I would have an opportunity to use the items again but am happy that the Burlap trends. The Faux Burlap, not to sure how I feel about it so far. Easier to manage then natural burlap however since the material is a polyester weave, it presents its own unique challenges! Steaming/Roller_Ironing, Folding, snags in the weave, are just a few. We are working thru them quickly because one of my Event Planners LOVES them and sells them as THE option for all of her Brides!

Cheryl D D Meredith

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