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Halloween Party Decorations Ideas By Color Scheme

While Halloween mostly involves kids in their cutest Halloween costumes, going around trick or treating, and receiving an incredible amount of sweets, Halloween parties are for everyone! 

Halloween party themes 2023 is the talk of the town, which means that this is more than just a single day of spooky fun. It's a whole season of enchanting festivities.

Get your friends and family all dressed up for a night of spooky merriment, and make sure they have a night to remember with these Halloween party decor inspirations based on popular color schemes. From classic and elegant to playful and chic, our Halloween decorations will set the scene for a spooktacular night. 

We'll tackle trendy themes and Halloween colors in 2023 style. In addition, we’ll look at how discount tablecloths can make your Halloween vision a reality. You'll find the perfect accents to make your celebration unforgettable.

Traditional Halloween Decor

traditional color palette

Color Palette: Black, Orange, Purple, Green

Linen Fabrics: Polyester, organza

Accent Decor: Spiders, Pumpkins, Gourds, Witches

tradional halloween decor

Traditional Halloween colors are orange and black with purple and green accents, much like the classic jack-o-lantern and the bats and the purple witches’ hats. These colors form a vibrant Halloween color palette. Get your black and purple balloons ready, and decorate your geometric arches with them and with orange sheer voile or taffeta fabric rolls.

For tablecloths, you may use a black polyester tablecloth with a deep plum Lamour satin table overlay. If you want to add a little sparkle, you may use a purple glitz sequin table overlay. 

Improve your tablescape by incorporating an orange tablecloth to infuse an extra pop of color into your feast. You can also take the ambiance a step further by draping your tables with a purple velvet tablecloth, creating an enchanting backdrop for your bewitching soirée.


Black & White Halloween Decor (Inspo)

black and white color palette

Color Palette: Black, White, Gray

Linen Fabrics: Demask, Chevron,  Black White Checkered Gingham,  Black & White Stripes, Stripe

Accent Decor: Ghost, Black Cats, White Candles & Black Candle Holders, Spiders

black and white halloween decor

Credit: DigsDig


Black and white parties are a popular choice for elegant occasions. This color scheme is easy to decorate and can easily transition into fall farmhouse decor. One of the best things about black and white decorations is that they are incredibly versatile, you can use them again for any other celebration, and easily coordinate with a huge variety of color schemes and celebration themes.

When you decorate for a Halloween party, start with stripe-pattern tablecloths and white cake stands to create a sophisticated atmosphere. You may also opt for white candles and black candelabras to add an air of elegance to your spooky soirée. White sheer voile ceiling drapes are also perfect for evening Halloween parties. 

Match them with warm-toned LED lights and candles for a dramatic effect, complementing the neutral vibe of your Halloween color scheme.

To complete your decor, consider a black table skirtblack and white tablecloth, and black round tablecloths, adding depth and texture to your Halloween tablescape.

Moody Halloween Decor

moody color palette

Color Palette: Pewter, Emerald, Taupe, Terracotta, Plum

Linen Fabrics: Velvet, Lamour, Chiffon

Accent Decor: Candelabras, Skulls, Feathers, Goblets, Florals

moody table settings Photo Credits: elledecor
moody table setup Photo Credits: elledecor

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo Credits: elledecor

Do you want halloween decor that is spooky and edgy? Decorate your venue in an Addams family-style fashion with moody Halloween decor, also known as gothic glam decor.

Mix and match eccentric pieces like skulls or blood-red candles for your tablescape, and match them with deep-purple velvet backdrop curtains. These deep, bold tones will add drama to the space, setting a spooky, yet elegant Halloween aesthetic.

Add a little shine to your set-up with the jewel tones like emerald, amethyst, or citrine to set the fall mood.  

Glam Halloween Decor

glam color palette

Color Palette: Black, White, Gold, or Silver

Linen Fabrics: Velvet, Glitz Sequin, Payette

Accent Decor: Sparkly, Glitzy, Metallic Decor, Velvet Pumpkins

elegant halloween table setup

                                                                                                            Photo Credits: randigarettdesign

If you are looking to celebrate October 31st with a glamorous event, go for timeless colors that easily transform any Halloween party into an elegant celebration. Make your guests feel like royalty with a few simple key details to recreate your forgotten medieval castle meets old Hollywood glam-themed Halloween party!

These disposable cutlery sets are perfect for your glam Halloween party. You can also match your gold charger plates with black table napkins and gold napkin rings. Crystal candelabras are also perfect to complete your tablescape.


Chic Halloween Decor

chic color palette

Color Palette: Black, Champagne, Blush, Mauve, Mulberry, Burgundy

Linen Fabrics: Velvet, Lamour, Chiffon, lace, and cheesecloth

Accent Decor: Balloons, Tulle, Pink and White pumpkins

unique pink halloween party Photo Credits: minteventdesign

                                                                                                Photo Credits: minteventdesign

Fall in love at first bite with this spooky and chic Halloween and Valentine’s Day crossover color palette. Who says the spookiest time of the year isn’t ready for some ghoulish love? Celebrate Halloween with your significant other or your girlfriends with this trendy Halloween color palette. Use a variety of balloon colors and sizes for your balloon arch and backdrop decor. Cheesecloth and tulle are also fun, affordable, and chic table accents for your party.

Another fun idea is to paint pink and white pumpkins for decorations. You can also do this as an exciting Halloween party activity for the kids and kids at heart. Add faux flowers on glass or acrylic vases to complete your chic and carefree Halloween party.

For the table setting, use vibrant-colored candles such as Pink or Mauve. Our cake stands will also look perfect for cupcakes and other treats. This glam and versatile color palette is also perfect for birthday parties and even wedding showers so you can always easily store your decorations and use them again for the next celebration.

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chic halloween decor   Photo Credits: Kristamason

                                                                                                         Photo Credits: Kristamason

Whatever color palette and theme you decide for this year’s trick or treat, CV Linens has got you covered for all the Halloween decorations that you need. Make your Halloween celebration memorable and spooktacular with these DIY decoration ideas. CV Linens can make your Halloween party table ideas a reality.

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Let your imagination go wild and always remember, creep it simple, and creep it real (pun intended)!

You may also check our Instagram and Pinterest for more decor inspirations! 

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