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5 Tips for Bright & Bold Tropical Wedding Reception

tropical wedding receptiontropical wedding reception

The Dream Tropical Wedding

Many people dream of how they want their wedding to be from the time they are little. An exotic, tropical theme is commonly sought after. Unfortunately, not everyone lives near or are able to plan a wedding for a tropical location. The good news is you can still have the tropical wedding reception of your dreams, even if you’re landlocked! Using tropical touches any venue can be transformed into a tropical paradise.

We’ve pooled our favorite five steps together that can transform any venue into a tropical paradise and give you that exotic atmosphere you’re looking for!

Room Decor

Probably the most significant thing you can do to create a tropical wedding reception is use room decor. Adding tropical items such as native plants and accessories can completely change the feel of any room. Bright colors such as aqua blue, orange, fuchsia, and yellow go well with a bright and bold tropical theme. Pipe and drapes sets can transform even the plainest of walls into a colorful setting.

Table Decor

Choosing a brightly colored polyester tablecloth is not only festive but practical too. Keep with the tropical theme by coordinating your napkins, drapes, table runners, and any other linen you use. Charger plates are also a great way to bring in a touch of wood without going overboard.


What’s a wedding without flowers? Choose bright, tropical varieties to brighten up the whole room. An eye-catching centerpiece will finish off the look of your tables. Start with a base on your table, such as burlap runners, then add a vase of bright and lively greenery and florals on top. Consider tropical florals such as alpinia, birds of paradise, and psittacorum. Keep in mind that your guests will want to talk to each other, so don’t make it so big that it inhibits conversation.


To round out your tropical wedding reception have your caterer create a genuine island menu for your guests. What you serve will likely depend on the specific tropical area you have the most interest in. No matter what food you choose, authentic island dishes will give your guests a tropical treat…and they’re delicious, too! As with any event, ensure you offer a variety of options for guests to may not like too many exotic flavors or have food allergies.


To really lend an island atmosphere to your special day be sure to go with authentic island music. The perfect finishing touch to your reception would be a live band that specializes in that genre. Your guests will feel like they’re at a tropical island getaway as soon as they walk in the door!


A Closer Look at Our Tropical Wedding Reception Mock Up



Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆ (relatively easy)
Set Up Time: Approx. 35 minutes with drapes


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Ready, Set, Plan!

Just because you don’t live in a tropical location doesn’t mean you can’t have the tropical wedding of your dreams. With a little creativity and some island flair you can create that tropical atmosphere right where you are and have a magical, tropical day to always remember!


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