Drapes on Walls: Best Drape Material to Cover Walls

Wedding tablecloths play an important role in wedding decor, serving as your canvas for the ambiance of your special day. Beyond mere functionality, different types of linens set the tone for the celebration. 

With the right drapes, you can instantly add a touch of luxury and a dash of texture to get the vibe you want for your party. You can even add soundproofing to any room with the right drape material.

In this blog, let's answer some key questions to help you choose the best material to cover walls with the right fabric wall coverings for your desired look. 

Gray Couch and White Wall

Curtains vs. Drapes: What’s the Difference?

A lot of people often ask if you can put curtains on a wall for decor. Technically, yes, you can use curtains for wall covers, but there are limitations. Their lighter weight might not provide the desired coverage or texture. They might also be more prone to sagging over time.

Drapes, with their thicker material, are generally the preferred choice for covering walls. Drapes are also offered in a wider variety of materials to suit different needs. 

Using Curtains vs. Drapes on Walls 

It is a versatile and budget-friendly option for weddings. It offers a wide range of colors and textures, making it easy to match any wedding theme. Durable and easy to maintain, using polyester tablecloths for weddings is an excellent choice for couples seeking affordability without compromising on style.

Top Drape Materials and Wall Cover Ideas

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let's explore some of the best materials for wall drapes. We’ve added in some of our top wall cover ideas as well for a stylish look for any party venue.


Velvet Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Mulberry
Velvet Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Emerald Green

Luxurious and sound-absorbing, velvet is perfect for bedrooms and media rooms. It’s also perfect for dinner banquets and formal events. However, this drape material requires special care and can be prone to dust accumulation.


Chiffon Curtain Drape Panel - Champagne
Chiffon Curtain Drape Panel - White

Add a touch of ethereal beauty to your drapes on walls with Chiffon drapes. This lightweight, sheer fabric allows light to filter through, creating a soft, diffused glow that adds a touch of magic to your space. 


Spandex 4-way Stretch Drape Curtain - Black
Spandex 4-way Stretch Drape Curtain - Red

Spandex is another versatile option for wall covers because of its flexibility and sleek appearance. This material is perfect for events with a contemporary aesthetic. 

Stretched tightly across walls, spandex creates a smooth surface, serving as a clean backdrop for decorations and lighting effects. Put it up with a trusty pipe and drape set and secure it with some pipe and drape accessories.

You can also opt to drape it for a luxurious look. Use spandex depending on the type of wall surface and the desired look you want for your space.

Polyester Blends

Poly Premier Fire Retardant drape/backdrop - Ivory
Poly Premier Fire Retardant drape/backdrop - Navy Blue

Polyester blend drapes offer a practical, durable, and stylish solution for wall covers. Often flame-retardant and wrinkle-resistant, they are practical options for different settings. Polyester is also affordable and easy to maintain, a must-have for decor enthusiasts.

Square Payette Sequin Drape/Backdrop panel - Gold
Glitz Sequin Mesh Net Drape/Backdrop panel - Blush/Rose Gold

Sequin curtain panels add a touch of glamor and drama to any space, making them an eye-catching choice for wall covers. Their shimmering effect reflects light, creating a dynamic and playful ambiance. 

They're perfect for areas seeking a bold statement, like entertainment rooms, entryways, or even behind headboards. Sequins can be high-maintenance, requiring gentle cleaning. This is a small price to pay for a stunning design piece that instantly livens up any space.

Flame-Resistant Options for Peace of Mind

When considering material for wall drapes, look for options with inherent flame resistance or treated with flame retardants. Flame retardant curtain panels add an extra layer of safety and peace of mind to your event. These are perfect for theaters, restaurants, convention centers, corporate events, and trade shows. 

The Rule of Thumb for Drapes

Remember, the rule of thumb for drapes is to choose a fabric that compliments your design style and suits the room's function. Consider factors like weight, texture, light control, and flame retardancy when making your final decision. 

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