Event Linen Checklist – Don’t Plan Your Next Event Without It!

Event Linen Checklist – Don’t Plan Your Next Event Without It!

Event Linen Checklist - plan party decor easily

Last minute Design Consultations can be a white-knuckled roller coaster of emotion.

With our ultimate Event Linen Checklist, planning has never been easier!

Putting together beautiful decor for a client is tough enough. Pile the anxiety of having to dodge different dye lots, low inventory, and shipping times – the terror of last minute planning is very real. Even when you have a head start on planning, it’s easy to accidentally forget a few important details when planning a big event. If you have ever experienced one of my design consultations, you know I’m a stickler for every little detail. Since I can’t be there in person to perfect your special occasion, the least I can do is give you all of the tools for planning your special day. A thorough plan for your decor will save you stress, time, and the expense of having to place a last-minute linen order.

Where to Start

Know What You’ll Need
How many guests will you have? How many tables will you need, and what size? If you can start thinking of the practical details now, you can start planning for table shapes and sizes. If you know you’re dying for to use chiavari chairs with a round sweetheart table, don’t hesitate to put it into your Event Linen Checklist!
Know Where You’re Headed
You don’t have to know every single detail when you begin planning your event, but have a rough idea of what you want your endgame to be. If your goal is to plan a wedding with black glitz sequin tablecloths, rose floral centerpieces, and a cake table with a crystal cake stand, you have enough vision to begin planning.
Know What You Want and Go After It
Time to put all of your daydreams into action by completing your Event Linen Checklist! While checking all of the boxes and filling out the blanks may seem a little tedious, it will ultimately save you loads of time and anxiety. Decide as many details as you can before you place your order. Placing your order all at once can help combat against different dye lots as well give you time to inspect your items.


Enough talk, let’s plan.


Click here for our ultimate Event Linen Checklist!


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