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How To Create a Wedding Day Timeline

A wedding day is one of the most important events in a couple's lives. It is essential to ensure that everything goes as planned. Creating a timeline is essential for a successful wedding. It will serve as a guide for the day's events. 

A carefully constructed masterplan for the wedding day guarantees that the ceremony and celebration are well-planned, organized, and carried out. Yet, developing a timeline for the big day might be overwhelming for couples planning their wedding for the first time. 

In putting together your wedding timeline, make sure to include the essentials such as your wedding decorations so the wedding day planner will have an idea of your style, designs and color preferences.  

Listing materials for your reception or venue like a wedding arch for your backdrop, include bulk tablecloth and event chair covers. It may also include wedding napkins, wedding napkin rings and charger plates. This is included in the overall timeline because once the ceremony has started, it would be awkward to adjust decorations and table placements. 

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What is a wedding day timeline, and why is it important?

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A wedding day timeline is a typical wedding itinerary of the activities that will occur on a couple's wedding day. From the hair and makeup appointments to the ceremony, reception, and other activities, it specifies each activity's beginning and ending timings. 

Other crucial information like transportation, photography sessions, and vendor setup hours are also included in the timeline. A wedding timeline is important for various reasons. 

First, it ensures that the couple, their suppliers, and everything else works smoothly during the day by helping everyone keep organized and on time. 

Second, it helps avoid any unnecessary delays or uncertainty that can occur if various vendors or guests are unaware of the timetable of events. 

Finally, a precise wedding day timeline guarantees that the couple and their guests will arrive on time.

What Should Be Included in the wedding timeline?

The timeline should list all the important things and activities that must be done on the wedding day. A wedding timeline should include the following important components, such as:


wedding planner

This includes the start time for the bride, bridesmaids, and other ceremony members to start making hair and makeup appointments. This may consume more time so it is sometimes necessary to be done first. 

Having a wedding day planner will lessen the hassle and make the preparation smooth during the wedding day.

Arrival of Photographers:

wedding photographer

A bride should be ready 30 minutes before the wedding photographer arrives. The photographer(s) will take pictures of the dress, rings, invitation, etc., during this time. The timeline should specify the beginning and ending hours of the ceremony photo sessions, including the first look, bridal party pictures, and family portraits.

Coordinate With The Suppliers:

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Planning a day-of wedding timeline is not just for you and your wedding party. It also serves as a guide for your wedding suppliers and vendors.

Set the call time and length of the onsite visit with your suppliers especially when you ordered wedding supplies in bulk. It is important to review your timeline with the venue organizer. This will help you get ready and assist the vendors with setup, load-in, execution and cleanup.

It also includes checking if your wedding flowers, wedding decorations are being delivered so you can plan photos once they arrive.


wedding ceremony decorations

The ceremony's start time and any additional events, like readings or musical performances, should be noted in the timeline. Ceremony venue must also be checked.

Family Photos

family photo

This is where you can take photos with friends and family as a new married couple. It is usually done by groupings of family groups. It's wise to spend plenty of time while taking family portraits with each family member. It is one of the memorable times as your invited guests smile and treasure your wedding day.

Cocktail Hour:

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To ensure a smooth transition from the ceremony to the reception, contact those necessary suppliers as soon as possible. This is one of the most important periods to work on.


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One of the most crucial parts in creating wedding timeline ideas is considering the reception because it is where the newlyweds and their guests can celebrate and enjoy their union. 

The couple should take advantage of the chance to talk to their guests, thank them for coming, and share in the celebration. Dinner, dancing, speeches, and other entertainment activities are frequently included at the reception.

The average wedding reception typically lasts four to five hours. However, some couples choose to extend the event. This allows for more toasts, speeches, and dancing. 

An extended reception can be the best option if you're planning a big wedding with many guests, have multiple speeches set, or know that your guests love to party.


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If the wedding party or guests need transportation, the timeline must include the pick-up and drop-off hours. 

Let’s create a wedding timeline!

A carefully planned and executed wedding timeline helps ensure that the couple's special day is everything they have dreamed of, and they can enjoy the day without worrying about the timing or logistics of each activity. If you have decided to create a timeline for your wedding, you can check this wedding timeline outline for an easier way of doing it and shop with us to find all your decor needs in one place. 

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