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Fun 70s Theme Party Decorations and Styling Ideas

Funky and Fun 70s Theme Party Decorations and Styling Ideas

Throw a party with 70s theme party decorations and take yourself to one of the most vibrant times in history. This trendy theme is ideal for gatherings with your family and friends and even on birthday and engagement parties. It was the most innocent and pure time in history before the birth of social media.

With 70s party themes that will make guests long for the past and a menu of nostalgic foods, enjoyable games, and crazy 70s décor, you can embrace your inner hippie, rock star, and personification of flower power.

If it sounds groovy to you, here are some of our favorite Funky and Fun 70s theme Party Decorations and Styling Ideas.

Disco Ball Theme

disco ball

A disco ball is a must-have for any party with a 1970s theme. Make sure you hang a massive mirror ball from the ceiling over the dance floor, whether you're hosting at home or a venue. You may even get tiny disco balls as a playful centerpiece for your table. Whatever you choose, everyone will be in the mood to bust out their best "Saturday Night Fever" routines, thanks to this bright decoration for a 70s party.

Lava Lamps Theme

lava lamp

If you're looking for an authentic atmosphere, lava lamps will give it a look and feel that ultimately screams nostalgia for the 1970s. They make excellent table centerpieces. Add chair sash buckles to hold chair sashes that perfectly match your centerpieces or party linen. It will also look more special if you dim the lights and eat in the room's cozy, funky glow. These artworks, which have a psychedelic look, enliven the space around them with color and visual interest. Lava lamps are a terrific way to light up your area for board games, trivia, or disco dancing if you're not hosting a dinner party.

Live Band

live bands

The 1970s produced some of the best musicians the world has ever known. During their prime, bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beach Boys released some of their most well-known songs. Hiring a live band will give your 70s-themed party the authenticity it needs. Music is an excellent way to capture a period's mood.

By hiring a band with a varied setlist, you can ensure that your event lives up to its promise of atmosphere. Find out if the group can play everything from all-out disco from Chic and the Bee Gees to foot-stomping funk from James Brown or Sly and the Family Stone.

Tie-Dye Theme

tie-dye theme

Clothing with tie-dye patterns is still adored today just as much as it was decades ago. During the 1970s, it spread throughout the globe and came to represent the Make Peace, Not War philosophy.

Choosing tie-dye and the necessary attire is a fun way to unite your guests, especially if your event has a hippie vibe. You may easily add puka shell or favorite bead jewelry to your hippy-style attire to add further details.

Beaded Curtains Theme

beaded curtains

Sparkly beaded curtains will give your house or party location a touch of the 1970s. These are entertaining methods to transform your home into a disco haven. Use beaded curtains as door curtains to add ambiance as people enter the room, or hang them to create a colorful backdrop with pipe and drape for a DIY photo booth.

Create a Funky and Fun Decoration for a 70s party.

70s retro outfit

Retro style for 70’s party decorations is everything. Create an ideal theme by being funky and fun. Try to find tablecloths with strong 70s prints (flowers were popular) then match with a plaid tablecloth or satin tablecloth.  Choose colorful serving trays and plates from the 1970s for your party cuisine. Also, serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks made using a 1970s-era punch recipe in a vintage punch bowl. Try using a disco theme, a hippy theme, or vinyl record decor to adorn the tables.

You can add some fondue to your concept. The fondue undoubtedly claims the top rank among all foods that gained popularity in the 70s theme party food. Among its numerous advantages, cheese fondue will certainly keep partygoers entertained. Sitting around a pot of savory cheese while dipping in a variety of vegetables and bread has a very nice quality.

Serve a birthday cake that is a work of art if your 70s-themed party decorations are being held in honor of a birthday. To provide guests and the birthday boy or girl with a fantastic cake experience, choose from artistic 70s theme cake ideas or nostalgic cakes from the 1970s.

Additionally, some of the most notable fashion trends from the 20th and 21st centuries may be traced back to this period. The afro and perm, as well as bell bottoms and high-waisted jeans, are examples of hairstyles and outfits that are sure to add authenticity to your appearance. You can also wear oversized circular sunglasses and some platform shoes. Regardless of what you decide to wear, this era featured some great fashions you and your guests may take from somewhere to celebrate your upcoming party with a 70s theme.

Plan the best 70s theme party

Using these ideas, you may organize one of the most amazing 1970s parties your guests have ever seen. Decorate your area with a lot of disco balls, serve your version of fast food, and then hit the dance floor for a dance-off to see who will be crowned disco king or queen. This is a great way to plan an event using 70s theme party decorations.

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