International Women’s Day Celebration: Empowering Events and Activities

Get ready to celebrate International Women's Day with our curated list of International Women’s Day event ideas! 

On March 8th, join the global movement to honor women's achievements and promote gender equality. Explore our vibrant selection of activities to celebrate International Women’s Day. Inspire, empower, and uplift women everywhere with these creative activities.

Make this International Women's Day one to remember with these event ideas!

International Women’s Day Event Ideas

Happy International Women's Day

Looking for unique and creative ways to commemorate International Women's Day?

Here’s our selection of events that celebrate women's achievements and promote gender equality. Throw some fun and educational events while using elegant and subtle feminine patterns in table settings and decor.

1. Panel Discussions

Bring together influential women and thought leaders to engage in conversations on gender equality and women's empowerment.

Make sure your venue is equally empowering with only the best event linens. Get purple wholesale table linens in the spirit of International Women’s Day to liven up your venue.

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2. Workshops and Seminars

Host interactive sessions focused on women's leadership, career development, and empowerment, providing valuable insights and skills.

3. Networking Events

Foster collaboration and support among women professionals and entrepreneurs through dynamic networking events, creating opportunities for meaningful connections and partnerships.

You can throw a dinner party for empowered women to meet and make connections. Decorate your tablescape with some feminine decor using French toile tablecloths paired with French toile napkins.

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International Women’s Day Activities for Students

Celebrating this occasion in the classroom is a good idea to foster gender equality early on. Here are some engaging activities for students to try. From film screenings to art exhibitions, try these activities that inspire empowerment.

1. Film Screenings

Showcase documentaries and films that highlight the remarkable achievements and contributions of women, sparking conversations and awareness. You can choose movies that feature the stories of women leaders or the narratives of inspiring women and girls.

2. Book Clubs

Organize book clubs centered around literature written by women authors, exploring themes of feminism and empowerment.

3. Art Exhibitions

Curate captivating art exhibitions featuring the works of female artists, celebrating their creativity, vision, and unique perspectives.

International Women's Day Activities for Seniors

Celebrate this event with these innovative events that honor women's strength, unity, and unwavering resolve. Let your tablecloths and decor reflect the spirit of empowerment and equality.

1. Girls’ Movie Night

Organize a girls’ movie night for seniors featuring inspiring women of their generation. Show classic films celebrating female empowerment and resilience. This is an easy activity to organize for this day.

2. Karaoke Night

Let seniors showcase their favorite empowering tunes and share cherished memories. You can set a rule to choose songs from inspiring women artists all night.

3. Live Entertainment

Organize a live show featuring talented women performers from your town. Celebrate the achievements and strength of women through music and dance for seniors to enjoy. 

International Women's Day Activities for Work

Looking to celebrate in the workplace? Here are some engaging ideas to promote empowerment

1. Host a Learning Session

Organize informative sessions or workshops focused on topics such as gender equality, women's leadership, and diversity in the workplace. Encourage open dialogue and learning among colleagues.

2. Host a High Tea in the Office

Create a sophisticated atmosphere by hosting a high tea event in the office. Provide an opportunity for colleagues to connect over tea and refreshments while celebrating the achievements of women. Decorate your tablescape with stylish accents to complete the event. 

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3. Wear Purple

Purple is the color for International Women’s Day. Encourage employees to wear purple attire or accessories as a symbol of support for women's rights and gender equality. This simple gesture can foster a sense of unity and raise awareness about the importance of this event

4. Start a Mentorship Program

Launch a mentorship program aimed at supporting and empowering women in the workplace. Pair experienced professionals with mentees seeking guidance and advice on career advancement, leadership development, and personal growth.

With these activities, workplaces can create a supportive environment that celebrates diversity, promotes gender equality, and empowers women to thrive professionally and personally.

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Get creative with these International Women’s Day event ideas and have the best time nurturing gender equality. Decorate your women’s day events with only the best party linens and decor with CV Linens. 

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