What Is A Charger Plate and How Do You Use Them

If you are looking for a way to add elegant detail to the dining setup of your events, charger plates might be just what you need. 

Charger plates are decor items that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. In this blog, we’ll be answering common questions about charger tableware, a simple yet stunning decor piece. This guide will also provide tips on how to incorporate them into your table setting. 

What is a Charger Plate?

gold charger plates

A charger plate, also known as a plate charger, is a large decorative plate typically placed under a dinner plate. It serves as the base for other plates, providing a layer to prevent spills. 

The word "charger" comes from the Middle English word "chargeour," which refers to a large platter used to serve food. Today, table chargers are used as decor pieces to set dining plates on. They typically don’t come in contact with food and are also called underplates, service plates, or chopper plates.

In addition to its practical purpose, you can use them to enhance your dining setup. You can maximize them to incorporate designs that complement your chosen table linens. Charger plates add detail and depth to any dining table to elevate your dining experience.

How to Use Plate Chargers

When using charger plates make sure to place one that suits your theme for each table setting. The average size of a plate charger is 13 inches. This size works best under dining plates that are 10 to 10.5 inches in size.

Place each one beneath the dinner plate in between the cutlery. Position them 2 inches from the edge of your table to give guests some elbow room. Make sure to use designs that match your color scheme and aesthetic. 

Charger plates can also be used as a base for centerpieces or as a service plate for party favors. Some people even give out personalized chargers as party giveaways. You can get creative with using this versatile decor piece.

Material and Design

Manufacturers make chargers from a variety of materials. Commonly they are made from glass, metal, and plastic. They mostly feature intricate patterns and designs to elevate their visual appeal.

Glass charger plates are a popular option for weddings and formal events. The glass material exudes unparalleled elegance that enhances any event. Glass may be more costly than other options but with proper care and maintenance, they last longer than other materials. You can use them repeatedly to add glamor in any dining table set-up.

Glass Reef Charger Plate - Clear
Reef Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate - Clear
Lace Embossed Acrylic Plastic Charger Plate - Blush

 Plastic and acrylic chargers are an excellent choice for parties especially when you're on a budget. They are budget-friendly while still maintaining a stylish appearance that can raise any dining setup.

Choose from a wide range of options from our charger plate collection at CV Linens™. Choose from different colors, styles, and materials. We offer different designs in glass, plastic, or acrylic, depending on your decor needs. 

Decor for Different Occasions

People frequently use chargers for formal dining occasions such as weddings and galas. You can use them for more casual gatherings such as birthday parties and intimate get-togethers. Ensure a clean and organized dining experience for your event.

This simple and understated decor piece is perfect for enhancing your dining experience even when you’re at home. These are perfect for adding an extra touch of luxury to your special dinner occasions. 

Care and Maintenance

Ensure your charger plates last long by following these simple tips. Depending on the material, several methods of care can be applied. 


  • You can clean plastic charger plates by simply using a damp cloth with mild dishwashing soap. Make sure to use a soft sponge or washcloth to prevent scratches. 
  • For acrylic chargers, simply wipe with a damp cloth to use again for other occasions. Remember, acrylic and plastic charger plates are not safe for dishwasher or microwave use. 
  • To clean delicate items such as porcelain or glass chargers, wash them by hand using mild soap and water. This will help to keep them clean and maintain their good condition. Hand washing is recommended for delicate items to prevent damage. Use gentle motions when cleaning to avoid any potential breakage. 


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