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Spring Outdoor Party Ideas for Kids

Spring break gives most children with a very much needed time-off from school, homework, and daily schedules. This also makes it the perfect time to host a memorable outdoor party for your kids. 

So, gather everything you'll need for the celebration, from kids party decor to outdoor spring birthday party ideas

Get started by exploring this list of activity suggestions, memorable snacks, and outdoor spring party decorations. With these spring party ideas, you can make your child's spring outdoor party the biggest event of the year!

6 Awesome Spring Party Ideas 

balloon party

Does your kid enjoy spending time outside? 

Choose from exciting spring party themes such as camping and outdoor movies to make the most of the heat of summer sunshine!

Picnic Party

outdoor birthday party

A picnic is an excellent way to enjoy the spring season while spending quality time with family and friends. The weather is so nice that it seems wrong not to take advantage of it in the nearest outdoor area.


Set out blankets and pillows for the kids to sit on. Plan a variety of outdoor activities such as frisbee, kite flying, and tag. Arrange a craft station where children can spruce up their own cupcakes. Finger foods such as sandwiches, fruit skewers, and cheese platters are awesome spring party food ideas for this theme.


Use colorful blankets and pillows to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Set up a picnic table with brightly colored party linens and napkins. Check our gingham checkered tablecloth that is perfect for every outdoor events.

Use mason jars with straws for drinks and disposable dishwares for snacks.

Movie Night

outdoor movie night

Movie nights are one of the tried-and-true spring party ideas that children of all ages enjoy. With an outdoor movie night party, kids can view their favorite movies under the stars and with their friends!


Install a large movie screen and projector in your backyard and play a kid-friendly film. Provide plenty of blankets and pillows for the children to sit on. You can also set up a photo booth area with fun props for the kids to take pictures in. For the photoshoot, have your children's guests dress in their best spring outdoor party outfit.

Don't know what movie to watch? Choose from Esquire's list of the 35 Greatest Family Movies of All Time.


Hang string lights to create a magical ambiance around the seating area.

Install a screen, projector, and sound system outside. You can make a screen out of a white sheet and decorate it with fairy lights.

Use our pipe and drape kits to create a movie-themed backdrop for the photo booth area.

Camping Adventures

kids camping

Who couldn't love a fun camping party? It is actually one of the most well-liked outdoor spring party ideas for kids. Give your kids an unforgettable experience by transforming your backyard into a camping wonderland with this spring party theme!


Pitch one or more camping tents in the backyard. Build a fire pit and make s'mores by roasting marshmallows. Play flashlight tag with the kids and start campfire storytelling. Then, at night, set up a stargazing station with a telescope or binoculars.

Load up the snack table with a variety of cookies, chocolates, and marshmallows. Other spring party food ideas could include other classic camp food like trail mix and grilled hot dogs.


  • String up some outdoor lights or lanterns to recreate a perfect camping location.
  • Set up a campfire area with logs and chairs.
  • Decorate your backyard with camping staples such as tents, sleeping bags, and camping chairs.

Spring Olympics

hula hoops

If your kids are aspiring sports athletes, this party is for you. A spring Olympics is a perfect way for them to channel their energy into enjoyable and competitive activities. 

Ready, set, go! Tell the kids to dress for the spring Olympics in their sportiest spring outdoor party outfit.


Plan a variety of outdoor games like a sack race, hula hoops, and an Easter egg race. You can also put them through an obstacle course or a relay race. To cool off on a hot day, organize a water balloon toss or a water gun fight. Then, hold a medal ceremony at the end of the party to celebrate the winners and participants.


  • Hang flags from different countries around the party area to create an Olympic vibe.
  • Use different colored balloons or hula hoops to represent the Olympic rings.
  • Create a medal ceremony area complete with a podium and flags.
  • Make your own cake with edible Olympic rings dipped in icing.
  • Set up a snack table with healthy snacks and beverages to keep the kids energized for the games. To make your party stand out even more, glam up any party table with spandex table covers.

Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is an excellent way to keep children engaged and active. This outdoor spring party idea will keep kids entertained for a long time. It is perfect for children who enjoy a good problem-solving challenge.


Make a clue-filled scavenger hunt map. Hide various objects in your backyard for the kids to find. You can also make riddles and puzzles for the kids to solve in order to advance to the next clue. The first kid to discover all the treasures wins a prize!


  • Decorate with natural elements like flowers, leaves, and branches to create the atmosphere for a scavenger hunt.
  • Designate a station for nature exploration complete with magnifying glasses and bug catchers.
  • Use different colored balloons and flags to mark the party area and the location of the hidden treasures.
  • Set up a snack table with trail mix and water bottles to keep the kids fueled.

Mud Party

playing in the sand

Attention all daring moms! This one's not for the weak of heart, but your kids will go crazy over this! Spring is the ideal season for outdoor fun, and a mud party is an incredible way to let your children have a blast and get messy.


Encourage the kids to wear play clothes and shoes. Set up a mud pit or mud kitchen for the kids to play in. Give them Matchbox cars and Tonka trucks, along with buckets, shovels, and other mud play toys. Kids can also take part in a relay race or mud obstacle course.

Do not forget to set up a water or wash station for cleanup following the enjoyable mud play.


  • Create a designated area for playing in the mud using old sheets or tarps. 
  • Use potted plants and flowers as outdoor spring party decorations to add a touch of nature to the party space.  
  • Set up a washing station with a hose or some buckets of water.

Make Fun Memories with Spring Party Themes

These six unique spring party ideas are sure to be a hit with your little ones. Each party idea is unique and enjoyable in its own way. Hopefully, you've gotten some ideas for your next party. Keep in mind your children's age and interests when planning, and don't forget to have fun with it!

You can make everyone's experience at your child's spring outdoor party memorable with a little imagination and preparation.

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